Have a Heart Day 2021- Creating Connections Virtual Club

Published February 23, 2021 23:20

Have A Heart Day 2021

This is one of many photos that we incorporated Have a Heart Day into our Creating Connections Virtual club on Thursday February 11th 2021 to show our support of Indigenous children and youth. We asked them what they thought it was about and then explained to the children in the club what Have a Heart Day is. The children created their own hearts out of the materials in their kits and we asked them they added to their hearts.
One of the slides read:
-Has anyone ever heard the expression “Have a Heart”?
-Who has an idea of what it might mean?

Have a Heart Day is about making sure that every kid in Canada has what they need to be well and do their best. Sometimes Indigenous kids have a hard time getting the things they need like healthy food and clean drinking water.
We do have a heart day every year so that we can show that these people can be heard, supported and we can work together to make a positive change!
What could we add to our hearts now that we know?

Type it in the chat and then add it to your heart.

Some quotes from children:
“I care for people”
“Have a good day”
“I care for you”
“I care about people 😊”
“I always love people and I always care for people”
“One small act helps to change the world”

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